Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I'm a new Netflix customer. I love it! I love the convenience, I love what I'm watching, and I love the packaging. Those envelopes are cool!

Netflix has helped feed my West Wing obsession. I watch it in three hour, four episode marathons. I think like Sam Seaborn and Josh Lyman, in smart and biting tones. I've even started dreaming in West Wing: the content is the same - I still lecture to my students and question the authority of science, but now I dream about lecturing to my students and questioning the authority of science in the confines of the White House, and its the chief of staff's daughter I'm kissing instead of, well, nevermind...

Do you run Netflix? We should exchange reviews and whatnot.


Blogger Girl on the Blog said...

Just passing through by the "Next Blog" button... I am a Netflix customer and love it... I get all the new releases the day they are released... No more waiting in line at BlockBuster... Oh... and I am the same way with the Seinfeld episodes as you are with West Wing... I have dreamed about Seinfeld on more than one occasion...

Thu Oct 20, 11:29:00 AM CDT  

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